• The HiPIMS coating is applied to an extremely hard foundation: diamond.
  • Diamond, with its maximum heat conducting properties, distributes the heat and protects the hard metal underneath from overheating (no uneven heat transfer).
  • Diamond, with its extremely high warm hardness, stabilizes HiPIMS and prevents breaking through (eggshell effect).


  • The HiPIMS coating, with its heat-insulating properties, transfers the heat to the fine particles. Stable hard metal = Stable cutter
  • The HiPIMS coating, with its high oxidation resistance, protects the diamond from burning and keeps it stable – “The heat is transferred to the fine particles.”

“Coating materials are still hugely rewarding to us, even after 30 years. It is not surprising, then, that we have ideas which may seem off the wall at first, but which quickly come to set new benchmarks in the world of precision tool coating.

Our latest development is a logical follow-on from this mentality: take the best features of two premium technologies, combine them and see what happens.”

Dr.-Ing. Toni Leyendecker, CEO CemeCon AG

The best of two worlds

HiPIMS ensures that the coating material has heat-insulating properties. The energy is sent to the chips, which reduces cratering wear. Diamond as an ideal heat conductor supports and distributes the heat evenly within the substrate, thereby preventing the carbide from overheating. This results in especially heat-resistant coatings.
With diamond, the hardest of all materials, HiPIMS gets the best possible base. The tool remains stable and there is no “eggshell effect”.
The surface of the new coating materials is softer than pure diamond coatings, which improves the running-in behavior of the tools. Despite this, the tools benefit from the extreme hardness of diamond and deliver optimum productivity.

In the new coating materials, the HiPIMS component provides a conductive surface. This, for instance, makes measuring easier when cutting graphite or circuit boards, which favors automated manufacturing.

The CCDia®HiSpeed coating material, applied to precision tools, creates extremely high-performance tools

that are very heat-resistant, have incredibly hard cutters and deliver maximum productivity.